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Zodiac Files: Scorpio and Sex.

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ur welcome

  1. janeway ladies, for really real, can u read this and get back to me pls ty.
  2. can you all submit your favorite farscape quotes to me, i have an idea.
  3. i don’t work at all the rest of the week and have absolutely nothing else to do so if you guys could prompt me new manips or gifsets or something that would be fantastical.
  4. ty for your time i love you all have a great night ty.
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shhhhhhh gotta keep this on the down low people… my husband can’t know.


wait, soooo


What season 5?



#exposure to farscape is a probabilities game #50% of those exposed become obsessively overawed and ruinously in love with the show #the reaction of the other 50% can be summed up by this gifset 

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Imagine your OTP lying next to each other in bed, staring at the ceiling, embarrassed and slightly alarmed by the wild, intense, filthy sex they just had.